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reddit creeps and girls’ real lives

Adrian Chen’s outing of the real identity of Violentacrez (Michael Brutsch), one of Reddit’s most despicable (now former) subreddit moderators and trolls has caused quite a kerfuffle on the site. Violentacrez was one of the originators of such objectionable subreddits as /r/jailbait and

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De Marica a Maricon: Following Definitions of Marica, Maricon, and Sodomia with the Real Academia Española

I’m currently writing a chapter for my book on the events surrounding the establishment of local ruling juntas in Quito in 1809 and 1810. In chasing down a few citations a couple of days ago, I came across a classic,

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A word cloud of my dissertation

What does one do for the first post on a new blog? Well, rather than the whole, this is who I am post or this is what this blog is post, how about a word cloud visualization of the cross

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Hacer juicio ú dictamen acerca de alguna cosa... significando que el objeto excita el juicio ú dictamen en la persona que le hace.

Deducir ante el Juez la accion ú derecho que se tiene, ó las excepciones que excluyen la accion contrária.

RAE 1737 Academia autoridades
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