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THATCamp Bootcamp Intro to Omeka

Sheila Brennan Notes on Intro to Omeka Session. Omeka self-install vs. is essentially the same distinction as with and The Omeka Codex includes Site Planning Tips. would be great for student projects. If you have an

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THATCamp Bootcamp Intro to CMSes

Here are my notes from Session 1 at THATCamp/Bootcamp — and introduction to CMSes. Raf Alvarado’s talk on content modeling of CMSes was really interesting and helpful. Patrick Murray-John Intro to CMS -Principle of modularity. What CMSs do is connect

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Hacer juicio ú dictamen acerca de alguna cosa... significando que el objeto excita el juicio ú dictamen en la persona que le hace.

Deducir ante el Juez la accion ú derecho que se tiene, ó las excepciones que excluyen la accion contrária.

RAE 1737 Academia autoridades
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