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batch renaming archive photos

As I’ve written about on a number of other occasions (here and here), I love using a digital camera for archival research. I’m an evangelist with graduate students, undergrads writing honors theses, and any of my colleagues who will listen

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plotting concubinato and muerte in the ANE Criminales

Late last year I wrote a post on my experience beginning down the trail of learning python at this late stage in my learning career. I included in that post this dispersion plot of a number of different terms as

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the historical commodity fetish and the Creative Commons

I love Anthony Grafton’s The Footnote: A Curious History, largely because of his disruption of linear form in historical analysis. Grafton takes the reader through multiple historical regressions from the end point of the use of footnotes in von Ranke’s

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how to index a book manuscript

Just yesterday I finished preparing the index for my forthcoming first book. For some reason, maybe because it’s my first book, I felt like I needed to do the index. In the end, I guess I’m glad I did it,

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anthologize this, anthologize that

Today was the big unveiling of Anthologize, a wordpress plugin developed by the NEH-Funded “One Week | One Tool” digital barnraising at the Center for History and the New Media. What does it do? It allows you to export a

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what’s the future of this book?

Over the course of the past year, I’ve been developing my second project with an eye towards digital curation. The project will analyze the roll of state surveillance of sexuality in the modernization of Spain’s Empire under the Bourbon King

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building an academic wordpress ecosphere

Summers are nice for academics because it gives us a chance to work hard on research and other projects that seem to getcrowded out by service, teaching, writing conference papers, and the like during the academic year.  One of my

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Hacer juicio ú dictamen acerca de alguna cosa... significando que el objeto excita el juicio ú dictamen en la persona que le hace.

Deducir ante el Juez la accion ú derecho que se tiene, ó las excepciones que excluyen la accion contrária.

RAE 1737 Academia autoridades
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