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from argparse to dictionary in python 2.7

I’ve used python’s argparse module in the past to get command line options for scripts. It provides built-in help, which is nice, and support for both positional and optional arguments. The inelegant way I’ve used it in the past, though,

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python interpreter, text editor, ide for udacity CS101

Introduction Installing Python Linux OS X Windows 1. Interactive Mode Integrated Development Environments IDLE Other IDEs Text Editors Linux OS X Windows Conclusion Introduction In my spare time this summer, I’ve been working through CS101: Building a Search Engine on

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a cross-series cluster image using ncd

I have more to say about this later, but I find this image pretty interesting. When doing a box-by-box comparison of 12 different series finding guides from the Archivo Nacional del Ecuador, you get an image like this: (Click to

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Hacer juicio ú dictamen acerca de alguna cosa... significando que el objeto excita el juicio ú dictamen en la persona que le hace.

Deducir ante el Juez la accion ú derecho que se tiene, ó las excepciones que excluyen la accion contrária.

RAE 1737 Academia autoridades
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