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coup update

Things are moving fast in Ecuador. Word on the twitters is that troops – something like four battalions – have engaged the police in an attempt to liberate Correa from the hospital. There’s live fire engagement between the police and

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coup attempt in Ecuador?

News today of a police revolt against Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa is unsettling. National police are upset over cuts to their salary and benefits, and a protest against Correa seems to have erupted into something much more serious. The Christian

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how to index a book manuscript

Just yesterday I finished preparing the index for my forthcoming first book. For some reason, maybe because it’s my first book, I felt like I needed to do the index. In the end, I guess I’m glad I did it,

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aggregating student blogs

For several semesters now I’ve made writing blog posts in response to each week’s content a central assignment for my graduate and upper division undergraduate courses. The assignment essentially requires students to write either a prompted or unprompted (depending on

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Hacer juicio ú dictamen acerca de alguna cosa... significando que el objeto excita el juicio ú dictamen en la persona que le hace.

Deducir ante el Juez la accion ú derecho que se tiene, ó las excepciones que excluyen la accion contrária.

RAE 1737 Academia autoridades
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