que bestia!

I wrote recently about a case of bestiality brought against poor, unfortunate Geronimo Berveran, a 15 year old kid accused having sex with an unbroken mare (yegua). Luckily for both of them, their case was overturned on appeal and the horse was spared being killed. Turns out that had that mare actually caught young Geronimo’s eye, they would have been much better off expressing their amorous intentions in a handful of US states that don’t outlaw bestiality, at least not outright. Courtesy of Mac McClelland at Mother Jones’ Map of the Day, here are your Bestiality-Friendly States:

New Mexico also makes an appearance on the Cousin-Lovin’ Map of the Day. And, curiously, also just about tops the list of teen birth rates. Thank goodness for Mississippi, which always seems to keep NM from topping dubious state rankings.

I am happy to note that I haven’t been able to find any states where animals are jailed and punished for their crimes. There is the famous case in Erwin, Tennessee in which Mary the Elephant was lynched for trampling her handler. But, that was an extrajudicial killing.



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4 comments on “que bestia!
  1. jfcb says:

    What about Topsy, the elephant electrocuted by Thomas Edison? He even made a film about it.


    My favourite historical elephant, however, has to be Hanno – Pope Leo X’s present from King Manuel I of Portugal.


    The story goes that it died of indigestion after being fed exclusively on a diet of claret and steak. Which, I suppose, would be the opposite of punishment if one happened to not be an elephant. Hmm…

  2. ctb says:

    Wow, that film by Edison of Topsy’s execution is really disturbing! When I first saw the link, I thought I’d embed the video. Then I watched it, and that’s just rough. WTF Edison?

  3. jfcb says:

    He also did horses, dogs and kittens. All for advertising.

  4. […] But, lest you worry about your rights being trampled upon and the victim being punished, it’s still legal in CT! Share this:EmailPrintTwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

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