who needs gold teeth, when you can have jade?


Images like this one make me wish, at times, that I’d gone into archaeology rather than history. So cool. And, I also think it’s worth noting that humans have long applied technology to manipulate appearance for reasons of culture, ritual, and vanity. Does that make modern plastic surgery any less vacuous?
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Associate Professor of Early Latin America Department of History University of Tennessee-Knoxville

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3 comments on “who needs gold teeth, when you can have jade?
  1. kyleste says:

    I think the same thing at least once a week, Dr. B. Particularly in the winter, I wish I were on Thera, uncovering peaceful murals with hummingbirds on them that date from 1628 BCE.

  2. tony says:


  3. ctb says:

    According to this article in the Journal of Medical History and Allied Sciences from 1962, Mayan tooth mutilation used readily available tools and substances– rocks and water to file the teeth, including lesions to set the stones in, a number of different types of precious stones, and cement made from calcium phosphate to hold the stone in place.

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