Current Blogs on Mexican History

For the interested, Felipe Castro has a list of blogs active in March 2009 on Mexican History here. I think it would be great to see more history blog exchange between US- and Latin American-based writers. There are so many obstacles to scholarly exchange as they exist in their more traditional forms– conferences, colloquia, and the publishing venues of journals and monographs. Each of these involve commitments of $$ that are sometimes insurmountable, and result in uneven exchange relations, sub-disciplinary groups that are talking past each other about similar, or the same things. Latin American presses and journals often make very short press runs that can be hard to get your hands on if you’re not in country. Likewise, scholarly production in the US, aggregated by JSTOR, Project Muse, HighWire, Ebsco, and the like, can be very expensive to get to without the resources of research libraries. Conferences suffer from visa and travel expense problems. Etc. 

Do blogs, as a publishing platform, offer a potential remedy for these difficulties? RSS feeds so make bringing things together really simple, so to speak. The potential for exchange seems to me to operate at a level below peer review polish, but above something like the h-latam email list. In fact, I wonder, why do h-net lists still seem so attached to such a late-20th century mode of exchange, like the email list serve?

For now, I’m administering a list of blogs on h-latam, and I’ll see about putting a widget on there to feed the posts produced by sites on the list. Maybe we should start something akin to Carnivalesque for Latin Americanists as well.


Associate Professor of Early Latin America Department of History University of Tennessee-Knoxville

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