edupunk presentation slides

OK, so here are the slides I put together for tomorrow’s edupunk talk, plus a new ending to punk it up a bit more. It won’t make sense without the conversation going on around each of the slides, and in the process of converting from keynote to video, the smoothness of transitions and animations were lost. (video after the fold.)

I had that picture of Johnny Cash on the hard drive, and when I was converting to video, it just felt like it needed something more. The caption, which you can’t read, says… “For a little more punk cred: Johnny Cash’s message to Blackboard. Oi!” The screenshots are from courses around the web that are using various types of new media for pedagogical reasons– blogs, wikis, wikipedia, zoho, netvibes as a portal, rss aggregators, etc.


Associate Professor of Early Latin America Department of History University of Tennessee-Knoxville

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2 comments on “edupunk presentation slides
  1. Frances Bell says:

    I really like this (came here from your reading your interesting comment on Steve Wheeler’s blog). I am coming to terms with term Edupunk though my initial reaction (to the name not the concept) was a bit negative see I am beginning to think that I should search for a good analysis of the links between music genres and radical/incremental changes in society. Folk is the example that springs to my mind e.g. Ewan McColl.

  2. parezcoydigo says:

    Hi Frances– thanks for the comment. Ultimately, I think the name is nothing more than playfulness and shouldn’t stop anyone from thinking about and utilizing technologies that amplify the process of education.

    Music speaks to many people in powerful ways, but I’m sure that there are other metaphors that could work equally well. There are certainly problems with music metaphors, because it seems to me that most every musical subculture is ultimately reducible to a series of consumer choices- even folk, old time, jazz, etc. But, in the interstices of the drive towards commodification, true creativity, beauty, anger, and more can and does happen.

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